Monday, October 18, 2010

....the reas0ns....

girl say....

reas0ns why i sh0uld f0rget y0u :-

* it's hard t0 wait ar0und f0r s0mething y0u kn0w might never happened, but it's even harder t0 give up especially when it's everything y0u ever wanted
* i better give up bef0re i'm being hurted
* y0u're everything t0 me but i'm n0thing t0 y0u
*y0u didn't even kn0w i'm exist
* i'm just a damn girl wh0 l0ves y0u damn much

b0y say....

reas0ns why y0u sh0uldn't f0rget me :-

* it's the hardest t0 just keep waiting with0ut even trying but it's hard n0 m0re since i kn0w i'm everything y0u ever wanted
* if y0u give up, i'm the 0ne wh0se being hurt
* i'm everything t0 y0u but y0u're m0re than anything t0 me
* i kn0w y0u're exist l0ng bef0re y0u kn0w i am
* this damn guy als0 l0ves y0u damn much

p/s: awak....bahagianya lau bnda nii trjadi kt sayangnya,awak xkan prnah tau....biarlah impian saya kekal mnjadi mimpi....


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