Sunday, January 30, 2011

let there be loved part II

tadi ak baru perasan yang entry ni masih ag tersimpan kemas as draft...ak x perasan pun sebelum ni yang ak x publish ag smbungan citer yg ntah ape2 ari 2....

When it came to his turn, I saw him walking to the centre of the stage, holding his black guitar….then, he speaks….this song specially goes to someone I really adore….the love of my life….she might didn’t know that I’ve been watching her for all this time….and I think tonight is the best moment for her to know….this song goes to you,………………….. the last word coming from his mouth really got me a shock of my life….he said my name and his finger is pointing right at me…. I can’t hear nothing except his voice singing….

I’m all about  you
I’m all about us
No baby you never have to question my love
And every night there’s a new crowd
But it’s always you I’m singing about
There is only one
This word are going out true
Oh girl…. I’m all about you

Now I really had new life. I just can’t believe that he feels the same way I felt about him. We really had a wonderful life….he’s  my knight in shining armour….he lends me his ear all the time, he lends me his shoulder when I’m crying, he comforts me when I’m not comfortable, he sings to me when I’m not in a good mood, he calls me when he’s not around, he bought me presents when it comes to my special day, he’s always there for me when I need him, he took care of me when I was sick….he was my eyes when I couldn’t see….he was my air when I couldn’t breathe….he was my strength when I was down….he’s my everything….

Everything seems to be running perfectly, until one day when me and him were walking at the park. There were not many people around. We walked hand in hand. He smiled to me and told me to take care of myself well…. I just nodded…well, as long as he’s around, I’ll be just fine. We kept on walking. Out of blue, three men showed up from behind the bushes….all of them holding a knife…. I was so panicked…who are they? What did they want? But all the questions only kept lingering In my head. I was so scared that I’m unable to speak. One of them grabbed me and put a knife on my throat. Only God knew what I felt that time. He ran forward to save me but the other two guys had him and stabbed him on his tummy. He felt on his knee….the three guys ran away immediately.

I ran quickly towards him. He was all bleeding….my head was empty….there were no people that I could ask for help….and it’s impossible for me to go for help and leave him alone. He groaned in pain….he smiled at me and said, “ hold me darling just a little while “….and then his eyes closed….i screamed his name but there were no replied….now he’s gone even though I held him tight…. I felt like my world is turning upside down….it’s getting harder for me to breathe….in my head, I kept asking him, where were you when I wasn’t alright….you knew that I wasn’t alright….you left me thinking I’d be alright….won’t you come back to me….it’s crazy but I’m falling apart….it’s crazy how you leaving me scared….it’s crzy boy wherever you are….” Well, it’s hard for me to live without blood running through my vein….why do I have to face this for a second time….and suddenly an answer came to my mind….maybe love is not for everyone…………”


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