Friday, November 26, 2010

i am no one....just me

I’m not famous, I’m not anyone…I am me

Well, the fact is no one read my blog….so there’s no point of worrying if I miswrote something and the next day, everyone might find out about my dirty little secret..  (in case I had one)….it can be seen clearly that I am no one but an ordinary girl. I have no fan, not much followers, no secret admire, but one thing for sure, I got people who always stand up and got my back, those who always support me, (it’s not that I’m a mafia and I got my bodyguard-like-men guarding me..)…no, those people are my friends and of course my family…..they’re always there for me…during sad and bad and mad times….and happy times too….why the heck am I writing this..??it’s typical for family and friends to do that for you…everybody’s friends and family does…well, it’s nothing but to show my appreciation to them….. Can’t imagine what this world would be like without you guys…..

Thank you everyone….you guys love me…and I LOVE you back….

Double thumbs up for all….wink..


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